Devils Envy – Dead Inside – EP

Devils Envy, originating from Central Florida, USA, has released ‘Dead Inside’ on October 31, 2016.  The EP contains 4 songs that embrace strong song writing, and enough attitude to satisfy current fans while welcoming many new!

Current Members of Devils Envy:
Justin Sims – Vocals
Angel Graves – Guitars / Vocals
Zakk Sandler – Bass
Sean St.John – Drums

Devils Envy

I’d like to say, this has been my first listen through of these songs.  But truth be told, we have been playing ‘Look At Me Now’ and ‘Dead Inside’ for the better part of a year.  So I decided with a bit of a listening break, I would put this EP on full blast and see what we have.  As with my first reaction, I was really impressed with this EP.  Angel’s Guitar work is phenomenal from start to finish.  ‘Look At Me Now’ boasts some powerful lyrics, which I’m sure you can imagine by the title.  “You’re not the one…Let me show you son”…  and Devils Envy shows you on this EP.

‘Dead Inside’ and ‘Candlelit Massacre’ are again very strong musically.  The latter showing the talent from drummer Sean St. John.
Among the selection of aggressive hard rock songs that pack a powerful punch, the standout song IMO, is ‘Wicked’.  From the first moment I hit play, I was convinced this was the song.  The verse itself is a fist raising, head banging, rhythmic metal grove.  Chorus boasts a great melody and one of the catchiest on the EP.

Devils Envy has definitely created their own identity with ‘Dead Inside’.  The musical chemistry is balanced; the songwriting is solid. The intensity of each song, and aggression, are well delivered throughout the EP. Individual performances show through, and make ‘Dead Inside’ a must have. Devils Envy is here to bring the power back to metal, in a day and age where pop music is ready to be laid to rest…and they are doing just that!!!

1. Candlelit Massacre
2. Wicked
3. Look At Me Now
4. Dead Inside

Record Label: Rivergraves Music


Rating: 4.5/5


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