Silent Planet have released a captivating new video for “Understanding Love As Loss!”

Premiering over at Billboard today, Silent Planet have released an emotional visual for the track off of their latest album, Everything Was Sound.

“Understanding Love As Loss” is a song close to vocalist Garrett Russell’s heart, as it delves deep into the issue of depression and how challenging it can be to endure. He had the following to say regarding the topic.

“Life is full of loss and it’s not easy, but I do believe if people can talk about what they’re going through that there’s hope. I’ve understood that truly loving someone involves giving up part of yourself and allowing them into the sacred space of your self. In both the happy and sad endings of loving someone, I’ve begun to see that Love and Loss aren’t at odds, but are mutually inclusive.”

Silent Planet will performing on this year’s Vans Warped Tour! Watch the powerful music video for “Undestanding Love As Loss” below, which ends with links to the Suicide Hotline and Heart Support website.

“Even if it saves one person’s life or leads them to get connected in that moment, then it’s totally worth it to us,” Russell added.



May 30 2017, 7:00 PM EDT By Nikhail Gogia
Alternative Press / AP Magazine

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